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The Challenge

May 3, 2007

I have been challenged.  This is a good thing.  I thank God for brothers and sisters in Christ who  hold me accountable.  The blogosphere holds so much opportunity that it is almost mind-boggling.  But with that comes responsibility and accountability.  It is way to easy to see the blog as an opportunity to share “my thoughts” and forget that I am still representing God.  I may be anonymous and have no fear in voicing my opinion, but then I remember that my anonyminity doesn’t carry over to God.   As long as I write under the label of “Christian,” I am representing God.  Whoah!  Now that is responsibility! 

 A frequent visitor to the irish calvinist site ( challenged me to post on my own site more.  I have been somewhat of a stigma on that site and tend to use that forum as an outlet for my thoughts when I could be doing it here on my site.  Part of the reason for this is because I get maybe 5 readers a day on my site,(30 if I post comments like I did on the irish calvinist site) and there is little discussion here.  The other part is that I respond better than I instigate.  It is much easier for me to read what people write and respond to that, than to come  up with things on my own.  However, Barry’s challenge has caused me to re-evaluate that to an extent.  So, for all you readers, this next post is something new,  something provoked, but from my own thoughts.