May 23, 2006

   Creation.  No, not the Biblical "it is good," Creation.  This, what you are reading, creation.  This is my first ever blog.  I've read, oh, maybe three blogs and feel somewhat out of my element.  Are there rules?  Can I offend someone with some casual slip of the fingers and worry about it?  Will anyone even read this?  And, most pressing of all: do I have to use spell-check?  So, why did I enter into this so unprepared?  Simply for one reason.  For years, I have had thoughts.  Well that was profound.  But, seriously, I have done a lot of soul searching and thinking and feel like I have things to share but lack for an audience.  Will that change after this first installment?  We will have to see, but I like the idea of being able to express my ideas in place where they might actually be heard.

   My title, "Contradict this" may seem a bit self-righteous or arrogant.  My intent is not to say that I challenge anyone to a duel who might think themselves worthy.  I am simply trying to relate what has given me cause to do all my soul searching and introspection.  In recent years, I have had at least three of my "from the womb" beliefs challenged by people.  Being a Pastor's kid, I may have been a little sheltered and finding out that my boss actually believes that God has already chosen who will go to heaven and who won't sounded absolutely absurd to me until I found out about this guy named Calvin and that there were lots of people who believed that.  And wait, you mean God might have actually created the earth in six-24 hour days?  I know that's what the Bible SAYS,but, come on, He didn't really do it that quick.  Or did he?  And just when I thought I had enough to chew on, all of a sudden a guy walks into my work-place wearing a construction worker's blind-your-eyes greenish-yellow vest with a big picture of a butchered cow's head on the front and back (just for good measure) with the words "Did your meal have a face?" written on it.  We sat down and had a civilized discussion about veganism and the Bible and then he talked.  Civilized quickly turned to dust as I became "calloused, lying, hypocritical, and hard-hearted" according to him. 

   Well, anyway, I'm not a writer.  I enjoy writing, but pale in comparisson when I read other blogs and the way the authors can wind a word around picture and feed it through my computer so that I can feed on it.  I am not a philosopher.  I am not a theologian.  I don't have kid's to provide me with that revered parental wisdom that comes with the birth of children.  I don't even have a college degree, (though I spent six and a half full-time years trying for one).  What I do have, are my thoughts and the need to communicate and if anyone finds it worthwhile, all the better.  My biggest frustration through all of my digging for the truth has been the lack of anyone to bounce my ideas off of, so, PLEASE, comment, possitively or negatively.  That is my wish.  Good night!


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